Translation Services: Answers to Common Questions About BLC

As the world becomes more connected, there is an increasing need for businesses to have documents, products, or services available in various languages. Finding a reputable translation company and knowing what their translation service entails can be confusing, stressful, or overwhelming. BLC translation services are your first choice for any translation requirements. We have answered the common questions to BLC translation services to ensure that you feel confident to use us for your next translation project.

BLC Translation Services Q&A:

We have answered all the common questions asked about our translation services.

What are BLC Translation Services?

BLC is able to translate any translation project into or from a range of South African, African, and major international languages. We offer a translation service for the following documents.
  • Technical documents.
  • Educational books and terminology.
  • Reports.
  • Literature.
  • Proposals.
  • Internal company documentation.
  • Advertising and marketing material.
  • Legal documentation.
  • Financial material.
BLC is able to offer translation services that are personalised to your business or needs. Should there be an additional type of document you need to be translated that is not mentioned, simply contact us to and we will work towards meeting your requirements. We offer our translation services to any business or individual across the world. No matter where you are, our use of state-of-the-art digital technology ensures that we can receive, translate, and return your documents quickly. translation-services-computer-button-min

Which Languages Can BLC Translate?

BLC is qualified to translate from and into these various language options. You can request these languages to be translated into English or into another one of our offered languages.

South African Language Combinations:

We offer translation services for all eleven official South African languages.
  • English.
  • Sotho / Sesotho / Southern Sotho.
  • Zulu / IsiZulu.
  • Afrikaans.
  • Ndebele / IsiNdebele.
  • Xhosa / IsiXhosa.
  • Sepedi / Northern Sotho / Sesotho Sa Leboa.
  • Setswana.
  • Xitsonga.
  • SiSwati.
  • Tshivenda.
  • African Languages:
We offer our translation service for six African languages.
  • Igbo.
  • ‘African’ French.
  • Shona.
  • Swahili.
  • Chichewa.
  • ‘African’ Portuguese.

International Languages:

We offer services to translate these fourteen major international languages.
  • Russian.
  • Arabic.
  • French.
  • Japanese.
  • Portuguese.
  • German.
  • Urdu.
  • Italian.
  • Spanish.
  • Hebrew.
  • Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).
  • Gujarati.
  • Dutch.
  • Hindi.

Why Should I Trust BLC Translation Services?

Has your boss just asked you to get an important document translated by a translation company? Do you want to recommend to your school to get the coursework translated into the student’s home language? Finding a translation company that you can trust can be stressful. There is a lot of pressure riding on ensuring that your documents are correctly translated so as to avoid any possible legal problems or offending possible business partners or clients. When you use the BLC translation service, you know you can trust our service due to these important reasons.


The freelance translators used by BLC are all qualified to be translators. We also only select translators that are mother-tongue speakers to ensure that they have an excellent command of their language. To ensure that our freelance translators are qualified enough to work under BLC, we run various tests. We check their references with their trainers and their previous clients. After this, the translators are mentored by the in-house BLC team. All our freelance translators are consistently monitored for quality.


BLC has been in the translation industry for decades. These years of experience have provided us with the knowledge and skills to provide translation services of an exceptional standard. Our individual translators also all have years of experience as being translators. This ensures that you receive a confident and capable translator for your translation projects. Additionally, our individual translators are also experienced in the field of your translation project. All our translators are qualified and actively working in their respective fields to ensure that they stay up-to-date with current trends and terminology.

Quality Control:

Every document that is translated by BLC goes through a quality control procedure. Firstly, your document will be translated by a specialised translator fluent in your required language and confident with your industry. Then your document will go to be checked by a second, independent translator who is also specialised in your requirements. We use a secondary inspector who is independent to ensure that your document will be appraised without any biases. Our in-house BLC team will then give your document one last check and revision before sending it back to you. Our quality control will also incorporate editing and proofreading. Our stringent quality control procedure is to ensure that you only receive accurate and professional translated documents from BLC.


BLC is a member of The South African Translators Institute (SATI). SATI is a professional association for language practice professionals in South Africa. To be accredited with SATI as a professional translator, you need to have a higher education qualification in language, a minimum of two years of experience as a translator, and must pass the SATI accreditation examination. The BLC membership with SATI ensures that BLC is a competent company to offer accredited translation services. translation-services-certified-translation-animation-min

Subject Matter Experts:

The BLC translators are subject matter experts. We have a wide database of translators to ensure that we can perfectly pair your translation project with a translator who has the relevant language, terminology, technical, and subject knowledge to provide you with an accurate and high-standard translation service.

Client Relationship:

Above everything else, we aim to create excellent relationships with our clients. This is done by accommodating all of your translation needs for your translation project. We will give your project the time, attention-to-detail, and rigorous quality checking it deserves so as to ensure that you receive an accurately translated document, video, product, or service.

Which Industries Can Use BLC Translation Services?

As the world becomes a smaller place thanks to the digital age, numerous industries are turning towards taking their businesses to a global scale. Almost any industry interested in pursuing business internationally or expanding their client base within their own country can benefit from using BLC translation services. These are a few of the industries that can benefit from using BLC translation services.
  • Legal.
  • Education.
  • Business / Commerce.
  • Marketing.
  • Media / Digital Media.

How Can BLC Translation Services Benefit My International Business?

Whether you are a South African with a business based abroad or an international business looking to expand into South Africa, BLC translation services can benefit your business. We offer professional localisation translation. Localisation refers to the process of ensuring that your business’s product or service is adapted to suit the targeted local language and culture. This is done through idiomatic language translation and incorporating culturally fluent details. We are able to be culturally fluent in your desired country because we ensure to understand these important details.
  • Target culture.
  • Local sensitivities.
  • Political correctness.
  • Gender roles.
  • Product or service names.
  • Geographic locations.
  • Time zones.
  • Currencies.
  • National holidays.
These simple yet extremely important details are what can make or break your business when you are getting documents, videos, products, or services translated to suit a specific country. All our localisation translation is done by translators who are qualified in your required language and are experienced in your selected local area. Our localisation translations are also independently checked by localisation experts. Choose BLC for your translation projects and enjoy the benefits of localised translation. translation-services-world-flags-min

Why Should my Business Outsource Translation Projects to BLC?

If your business regularly needs translated documents, you may be considering employing a full-time translator. We recommend outsourcing your translation projects for these reasons. Cost-effective: Hiring a full-time employee means an additional salary to incorporate into your business’s budget. Using a translation company means that you only pay for the work you require, making your translation projects more cost-effective. BLC is a translation company suited to the budgets of both small and large businesses. We ensure our translation services are high-quality yet still affordable through outsourcing to freelance language practitioners. Terminology: Hiring a translator for your business is not as simple as it sounds. You need a translator that is proficient in your required language as well as any terminology relevant to your industry. When you use the BLC translation service, we assure you that we will accurately translate your project and use all the correct terminology. Reliability: Hiring an independent translator can be risky. Because you are unable to check the translations, you have to place your trust in your translator that their translations are factual and culturally fluent. Outsourcing to a translation company ensures that you can trust the reliability of the company, whether through checking its accreditation or previous customer experiences. BLC is a reliable translation company due to our commitment to hiring only qualified, mother-tongue speakers who are experts in your industry’s terminology. Efficient: Hiring a translator means hiring a project manager who is able to do quality checks on the translated documents. Outsourcing to a translation company reduces your need to project manage your translated work, which saves you time and makes your business more efficient. BLC has experienced translators who will provide you with translated documents in a timely and efficient manner and managers who will ensure perfect quality.

Who Are the BLC Translators?

translation-services-animation-office-flag-popups-min BLC outsources all our translation projects to freelance translators. We only outsource our translation projects to translators with who we have a relationship with, trust their skills, and can rely on their timely and efficient translations.

Does BLC Offer Interpretation Services?

We also offer interpretation services in all of the South African, African, and international languages that we provide for our translation services.

About BLC:

BLC is a first choice company for language services. We offer writing, translation, localisation, transcription, graphic design, typesetting, layout and formatting, editing, and proofreading. We are an internationally leading company for our high standards, efficiency, and affordability. BLC was founded by Han Sapire, who holds a Wits University MA degree in translation. She has also trained translators at Wits University, which has provided her with the guiding experience to shape and direct BLC into the global company it is today. BLC is here to use our expertise in language services to help your business succeed. We understand that businesses have strict deadlines, which is why we ensure that our language services are always on time without sacrificing quality. The BLC team is comprised of experienced and passionate individuals dedicated to providing you with quality and value for your required language services. Should you require any language services, simply get in contact with one of the BLC members to begin. Feel confident with the service you will receive when you outsource your translation projects to BLC.