Better Language Company has a highly trained team of transcribers ready to deliver quality transcriptions in English, all official South African and major international languages.

We have our own equipment and a skilled team who will accurately transcribe audio and video files in a variety of formats for you. We can also translate any transcribed materials into the language of your choice.

‘BLC’s transcription services combine our years of expertise in the language industry with technological expertise and professionalism.’

We offer fast turn around times, highly qualified, professional service providers and industry leading rates.

‘We have the capability to transcribe both audio and video files.’

Who needs transcription services?Image showing transcription

Better Language Company’s client requirements include the following: focus group research interviews,recordings of labour-related discussions for CCMA and court purposes; disciplinary hearings; forensic and police investigations; meetings; marketing, often involving video and podcasts; educational content, involving video transcripts; and dictations.

Quality and Accuracy

Once your file has been transcribed it will be proofread by an independent proofreader to ensure the work is accurate before being delivered to you.

File conversion and formats

We realise that converting your audio and video files to new formats for transcription is a tiresome process, so we do that for you. We are able to convert most commonly used audio and video media formats,

Contact us for your transcription needs in the following areas:

  • General
  • Document
  • Legal (disciplinary hearings, CCMA transcriptions)
  • Business
  • Academic
  • Conference and event transcription
  • Transcriptions of interviews
  • Market research

What is special about BLC’s transcription services?

Better Language Company is one of the few agencies offering transcription services in all of the 11 official South African languages, listed in alphabetical order: Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele (Ndebele), isiXhosa (Xhosa), isiZulu (Zulu), Sepedi (Pedi or Northern Sotho), Sesotho (Sotho or Southern Sotho), Setswana (Tswana), SiSwati (Swati), Tshivenda (Venda) and Xitsonga (Tsonga or Shangaan). We also offer transcription services in the following non-SA languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. BLC has a dedicated transcription services manager. We make sure that we understand our clients’ needs fully. In the case of large transcription assignments, involving several languages, we do an audit of the languages, duration and quality of audio for our clients. All transcripts are checked by us for content and language accuracy. We also provide clients with a certificate of accuracy in the case of transcripts required for litigation purposes. BLC offers a range of related services, assisting clients with a one-stop service. These are: – Audio translation – two methods: 1) transcription followed by translation, and 2) transcription directly from source to target language – Recording – Interpreting – Research analyses and reports

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