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BLC’s transcription service combines our years of expertise in the language industry with technological expertise and professionalism. Our transcribers have an accuracy rate of 99% and are at your disposal to deliver world-class transcribed documents. We are so proud to have many top global banks, law firms and NGO’s on our list of valued clients and we provide the most accurate transcripts possible.

When it comes to transcribing, we have 3 main types of transcription services including verbatim, clean verbatim and non-verbatim as well as including transcription timestamps included when necessary.

Verbatim transcription:

Verbatim transcripts capture every single word from audio or video files in text format, in the same context as they were said in the original file. If you’re looking for verbatim transcription, it means you want a clean and unedited version of the file including filler words, grammatical errors, false starts and other cues that are most notable in audible speech which often provide context into the subject and set a clear scene of what was recorded. This service is perfect for directly quoting a source, focus groups, interpretation of interviews, legal cases and when giving a legal statement.

Clean verbatim transcription:

This is the perfect service for when you want a slightly edited version of a file, cleaned up for readability. Clean verbatim transcription still offers an accurate representation of what was originally said, however, all of the audible noise and distractions are removed without paraphrasing but cleaned up for clarity. This allows the removal of false starts, stuttering, unintentional word repetition and removing filler words, coughing, throat clearing and anything else that may have been recorded unintentionally.

Non-verbatim transcription:

Using services such as non-verbatim transcription, also known as clean copy transcription, excludes all unnecessary speech to make a transcript more readable without much editing and without changing the context of the audio. In non-verbatim transcription, you’ll often find that all of the unnecessary speech is removed without changing the meaning or structure of the conversation which can be highly useful for academics and universities, which proves invaluable during research.


With our transcription services, we also offer transcription timestamping. This allows you to visibly see when sentences are spoken and if there is delay between words and sentences from beginning to end of the file. Timestamps are helpful when someone reading the transcript wants to listen to the audio that corresponds to a specific part of the transcript without scrubbing through the entire audio file. These timestamps can be offered as periodic, paragraph, sentence and speaker timestamps based on your requirements.

Our transcription services are offered in all 11 of the official South African languages, as well as Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. All transcripts are independently quality checked because accuracy matters. We provide clients with a certificate of accuracy in the case of transcripts required for litigation purposes.

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