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The Difference Between Speaking a Language and Translating It

The Difference Between Speaking a Language and Translating It (A language graduate’s perspective) The differences between speaking a language and translating it are countless. My job, passion and intimate relationship with the language industry have led me to realise that the differences between speaking a language and translating it are countless. Naturally, depending on the … Read More

When Mist Becomes Manure – Professional translation could save your brand

Clairol, the hair products company, introduced the Mist Stick curling iron a few years back. While the product sold well around the world, sales came to a grinding halt in Germany – ‘Mist’ of course being German for ‘manure’. Cue toothpaste was introduced to the French market by Colgate, sharing its name with that of … Read More

What Makes a Good Translator?

At Bangula we are proud of our high quality translation work. Work we would not be able to complete without a talented team of great translators. After 12 years in the industry we’ve put together a little list of what makes a great translator. We use these criteria to select our freelancers and if you’re … Read More

Happy Spring Day (Newsletter archives 2)

3 months ago we put together the first Bangula Newsletter. Filled with intriguing blog articles on language, branding and media straight to your mailbox. We also threw in language facts, branding news, opinions on some of our favourite articles and some funnies – to great reception! After all our positives reviews we’re releasing our newsletter as … Read More

The Future of Language and Translation Services in South Africa

A vast majority of South African language and translation services expenditure over the past few years was concentrated around the implementation of the new school curriculum, the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS). The curriculum changes meant that publishers had to create new textbooks, which increased the demand for freelance editing, translation, proofreading as well as … Read More


How do you know your document has been properly translated?

In our diverse, multicultural business society we are faced with unique challenges. Doing business in 11 official languages requires documents to be professionally translated across language barriers. Mistranslations are easy, African inflections can be challenging to the untrained translator and literal translation errors are all too common in the industry. This creates a quality control … Read More

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