The Difference Between Speaking a Language and Translating It

The Difference Between Speaking a Language and Translating It (A language graduate’s perspective)   The differences between speaking a language and translating it are countless. My job, passion and intimate relationship with the language industry have led me to realise that the differences between speaking a language and translating it are countless. Naturally, depending on … Read More

When Mist Becomes Manure – Professional translation could save your brand

Clairol, the hair products company, introduced the Mist Stick curling iron a few years back. While the product sold well around the world, sales came to a grinding halt in Germany – ‘Mist’ of course being German for ‘manure’. Cue toothpaste was introduced to the French market by Colgate, sharing its name with that of … Read More

Human Translation vs Google Translate

Google Translate is a fascinating and continuously evolving online resource that currently allows users to translate single words and short phrases directly and surprisingly accurately into 50 international languages.   The app version even allows users to take a photo of signs in 27  languages and have them translated, a huge boon for travelers! – … Read More

The benefits of outsourcing language services to agencies

If a business needs language services (copywriting, overwriting, editing, translation and proofreading) and document design services (graphic design and typesetting), it can follow one of three routes. Route 1: Take care of its requirements in house Route 2: Outsource its requirements to individual freelance service providers Route 3: Outsource its requirements to an expert language … Read More

Brand Activation ideas for SMMEs

Brand activation, a catchphrase that is used with abandon in the marketing sphere of business; such a positive phrase, to activate your brand, with connotations of growth and je de vivre. Get right down to the nitty gritty however and many in business will struggle to pin down just what a brand activation is. Even … Read More

Translating between German and English

German and English are both Germanic languages belonging to the Indo-European language family. As such, they share certain features. Examples are cognates such as Sommer/summer, trinken/drink and kommen/come. When it comes to translating between German and English, the devil lies in the differences, so to speak. German syntax and the German tense system differ greatly … Read More

The Future of Language Agencies in South Africa

Language agencies in South Africa experienced a whirlwind growth spurt over the last decade. The biggest reason for this: A steady supply of volumes of educational publishing work. Periodic curriculum changes meant there was enough writing, editing, translation and proofreading work to fuel the growth of a myriad of agencies, big and small. As 2014 … Read More

David and Goliath – the battle of the small business

At Bangula we have weathered the storms of 10 years in the small business and entrepreneurial sector of the South African economy. In 2003 we began with two entrepreneurs. Han and her first partner combined their South African language, translation and editing skills to form a small business.  Since then Bangula has grown from strength to … Read More

Happy Spring Day (Newsletter archives 2)

3 months ago we put together the first Bangula Newsletter. Filled with intriguing blog articles on language, branding and media straight to your mailbox. We also threw in language facts, branding news, opinions on some of our favourite articles and some funnies – to great reception! After all our positives reviews we’re releasing our newsletter as … Read More

Online copywriting – Lifeblood to marketing gurus, Greek to many business owners

Online copywriting – Lifeblood to marketing gurus, Greek to many business owners To illustrate how well-written copy can influence the reach and effectiveness of your business online, let’s look an analogy. Picking up a book, you glance at the first few lines. The language usage is striking and the characters come to life. In fact, … Read More

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