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The benefits of outsourcing language services to agencies

If a business needs language services (copywriting, overwriting, editing, translation and proofreading) and document design services (graphic design and typesetting), it can follow one of three routes. Route 1: Take care of its requirements in house Route 2: Outsource its requirements to individual freelance service providers Route 3: Outsource its requirements to an expert language … Read More

Online copywriting – Lifeblood to marketing gurus, Greek to many business owners

Online copywriting – Lifeblood to marketing gurus, Greek to many business owners To illustrate how well-written copy can influence the reach and effectiveness of your business online, let’s look an analogy. Picking up a book, you glance at the first few lines. The language usage is striking and the characters come to life. In fact, … Read More


The Mystery of Plain Language

The Mystery of Plain Language The problem with plain language, of course, is pretty much similar to that of common sense – no one really knows how to define it. There’s always someone with a bit more common sense. There’s always someone a bit more wordy savvy capable of saying something in better, clearer English. … Read More

The rise of the freelancer-based business model

Imagine only paying your employees for completed tasks. In a normal office where staff work at, say, R50 per hour, averaging about (let’s be honest) 5 hours’ actual work in a day, how much different would business be? You’d pay them about R1,250 a week, and that’s if there’s enough work to go around. In … Read More

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