As part of our continued expansion into the world of digital language services, BLC is proud to offer a word-class Remote Simultaneous Image showing remote simultaneous interpeter (RSI)Interpreting (RSI) service. RSI is a digital interpreting system. The interpreters operate remotely, anywhere in the world with a suitable internet connection.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) comes with a number of benefits, particularly when the correct software is used and qualified and experienced interpreters are involved. Our RSI sessions are managed by a dedicated project manager to ensure a quality service.

Affordability – Savings on travel, accommodation and more importantly even, exchange rates. The possibility of outsourcing to another country with a more favorable exchange rate means a huge saving for the same quality of work. The same applies for similar services such as transcription. (As long as an established and quality service provider is used.)

Logistics – easier setup, no microphones, booths and speaker systems needed. This also attributes to the cost-saving factor.

Easily accessible technology – Most of our clients make use of Zoom Pro or Business Accounts. These allow easy integration of interpreters and provide a perfect solution to online conference interpreting using their simultaneous interpreting function.

Scalability – These services can be used for meetings of any size

Flexibility – Without the need to book flights and meeting rooms in advance changes can be made to dates and hours and extra languages added. Something that has never before been possible.

The way of the future:

Traditional interpreting is becoming outdated and unsuited to a growing digital economy. In an age where pandemics such as Covid 19 are accelerating the process towards a fully digital world, requiring on-site interpreters and physical conferences are becoming a thing of the past.

RSI interpreting can be used for:

  • Board meetings
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Business Meetings
  • Panel Discussions
  • Training Seminars

We offer a range of languages including:

  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German

We only work with experienced interpreters with proven track records.

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