Welcome to our recent work completed page. A new addition to our website where you can see what the team at Bangula have been up to.

Updated November 2017


Bangula recently assited the UNFPA with the translation of  190 000 words of Sexual Education Booklets and Training Guides from French to English. Should you need bulk translation work done we have the experience to assist you.

‘Thanks as always for being such a reliable vendor to work with in terms of quality and maintaining tight deadlines – Maria Bakaroudis UNFPA’

We have been working regularly with the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb translating a range of brochures for their products. Visit www.tibb.co.za for more about them.

Department of Arts and Culture

We worked with the Department of Arts and Culture to complete 46 430 words of Sworn Translations from English to Spanish in September of this year and are proud to be a regular service provider for them.


We have been busy with a range of projects for the HSRC. These include transcriptions of interviews on an ongoing basis, editing of journals including Africa Insight and proofreading of a number of publications.

Bangula Lingo Centre cc has successfully completed a number of proofreading, editing, and typesetting projects for the HSRC.

In 2015, Bangula proofread and typeset the Africa Insight of South Africa Publication (AISA), 44(1-4), comprising about 1000 pages across the four issues. Hannietjie Sapire managed the project and worked closely with me during the typesetting process.

In 2016, Bangula proofread a publication, Management and Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in South Africa: Input for Mineral Beneficiation in Africa. Hannietjie Sapire supervised the proofreading and did some additional editing of the publication, where required.

Bangula is currently proofreading a publication, Sizonqoba: Aids in Southern Africa. The proofreading is being supervised by Hannietjie Sapire. Bangula has also been commissioned to edit the four issues of the 45(1-4) Africa Insight of South Africa Publication (AISA). The editing is being done by Hannietjie Sapire.


On the transcription side of our business, our transcribers have been busy with a number of projects recently. We have been working with the Open Democracy Advice Council to transcribe 40 hours of JSC hearings into English. We are also working with the Sam Tambani Research Institute to translate a range of interviews directly from Tshivenda, IsiZulu and Sesotho into English.



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