Quality Control

In order to deliver quality work, we use only top-quality suppliers.

Most of our suppliers hold a post-graduate qualification, some with masters and PhD degrees and they are active in their chosen subject field.

  • For educational material development and translation, we use only developers/translators with suitable experience.
  • We use a system of obtaining references from clients, trainers of translators/editors, and the professional editors’ body (PEG) and professional translators’ body (SATI) to appoint suppliers, after which they are mentored and subjected to frequent quality checks.

  • We have close relationships with most relevant training institutions. One of our members, Hannietjie, was a full-time lecturer in translation studies at Wits University for 15 years and continues to train translators in a part-time capacity.
  • We furthermore obtain regular feedback from clients about the quality of the work we produce.

Our Quality Control Process in Translation

  1. Your work is first translated by one of our carefully selected expert translators.
  2. It is then checked by a second, independent translator.
  3. We also revise the work before delivering to you, our valued client.

Other Quality Control Processes – Writing, editing and proofreading


All of our work goes through an independent quality checking process with one expert service provider completing the work and a full independent checking process provide by a second service provider. This ensures our work is always of the highest quality.

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