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Are you needing to send out important documents but are not entirely sure if the quality thereof is up to scratch? By turning your sights on to businesses such as Better Language Company (BLC), proofreading can become the least of your concerns. To find out more about how proofreading can help your documents receive the attention they deserve, continue reading through this brief, yet informative, guide.


The Basics of BLC’s Proofreading Services

When writing practically anything, whether it be a book, a contract, or even a simple recipe, the author of such works can instantly lose any and all credibility that they may have attained whenever the reader notices any form of grammar or spelling errors. Errors such as this have no place in the professional world, as they can lead to confusion as well as misinterpretation. This makes it vitally important, not only to yourself but to your clients as well, that proofreading your work is kept high on your list of priorities.

While grammar and spelling errors are fairly easy to notice and fix when proofreading on your own, proofreading services such as BLC can go a few steps beyond what you may have expected them to. This is because BLC’s proofreading services extend towards transcriptions, translations, and interpretations.

In recent years, BLC has even begun branching away from being a purely proofreading-based service in order to provide their clientele with eLearning, alongside teaching English as a foreign language. While these previous two services may not directly help you with proofreading your various documents, it does ensure that your work is being carried out by industry professionals that are skilled in their craft.

In fact, it has provided countless clients rest assured knowing that BLC is able to continuously provide them with high-quality service, no matter what their needs or conditions may be.

What You Can Expect When BLC is Proofreading Your Documents

One of the main reasons as to why so many people instinctively turn towards proofreading services such as BLC is because of how thoroughly every document is examined in order for any and all errors to be found and corrected, no matter how minor they may be. Once you have received your documents back from BLC, you can expect more than just your grammar and spelling errors to have been taken care of.

When hiring BLC, proofreading can extend towards being given feedback on your documents, your print layout being corrected, syntax reviews as well as structural editing too, if and when necessary. This allows the quality and readability of your document to be increased tenfold, made entirely possible via the excellent proofreading services that are provided by BLC.


Receiving feedback in any capacity can be incredibly valuable, whether you are proficient in your work or still starting out. BLC takes this to heart by providing their clients with feedback whenever it is necessary, not only allowing the client to receive work that is of the highest quality, but also allows them to improve their writing capabilities in general as the weak points of their writing are brought to their attention.

Print Layout

Due to the fact that most writing is done on computers in the modern-day, the layout of documents have a tendency to be altered in various ways when read on different devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even when being read off of a printed piece of paper. By hiring the proofreading services that are provided by BLC, you can ensure that your document is able to maintain a consistent style that can be easily understood across all devices.

Structural Edits

Whether you decide to write a book or even a lengthy contract, structural editing is crucial in order for the visual quality of your work to remain consistent throughout. BLC’s proofreading services are able to provide such structural edits to help you remain clear and concise with the message you are trying to convey.

Syntax Reviews

One of the few things that may be far worse than any spelling or grammar error would have to be poor sentence structure. By simply writing a sentence without much consideration to the reader, they may be left confused and even frustrated. Without proper syntax reviews, your sentences may run the risk of being dragged out unnecessarily, having too much or too little information and having nothing to do with the information that came before or after, etc.

With the help of BLC’s outstanding proofreading services, your documents will see your clients receive and understand the necessary information just as you would need them to. This will minimize any possible frustration and confusion entirely.


What goes into Proofreading Your Documents?

No matter how concise or lengthy your particular piece of work may be, proofreading is always a multi-step process that should always be done with the utmost care and attention. The first and most important step to proofreading any document is to read absolutely everything that is written by the client.

By doing so, BLC will be given a much clearer grasp of the information that the client is trying to convey, allowing the very same information to be reconveyed in a way that is more easily understood, if at all necessary, of course.

After this initial proofreading, a second or third reading is undergone to look out for anything that needs to be picked up on and made note of. This may relate to any spelling or grammatical errors, the pace, structure, and format of the document as a whole, as well as how one point of information flows to the next.

While proofreading may not seem all too necessary when looking at each of its many aspects on an individual level, it is safe to say that when done by a competent writer, your work may reach heights that are far greater than the sum of its parts. This will not only allow you to feel absolute peace of mind knowing that your proofreading work will be taken care of without you needing to worry, but will also allow you to impress your clients with a well-written document that is sure to help them understand everything that is necessary without the slightest hint of difficulty or hassle.

Why it is Important for You and Your Business to Hire BLC’s Qualified Proofreading Professionals

It can be easy to assume that hiring BLC’s proofreading services can cost you unnecessarily large sums of money. However, you can quickly and easily see yourself spending even more of your hard-earned cash without any proofreading help at all.

This is because errors of any kind that appear on your documents can be as costly as they are embarrassing. Not only will your clients potentially receive a book or contract that is riddled with mistakes on every page, resulting in your reputation being tarnished, even if only slightly, but you may also then be forced to redo your work from scratch. This will not only waste your time and money, but your client’s as well.

On the flip side, however, if your work is able to appear on the opposite side of the spectrum, containing no errors of any kind while being laid out in an aesthetically pleasing structure, your clients may hold you in high regard, potentially even introducing your services to friends, colleagues and partner companies too!

It is also vitally important to remember that when you hire a writer who is qualified in the field of proofreading, the quality of your work will only ever be increased. While the information that is presented will remain yours and largely untouched, the presentation and delivery thereof may be edited drastically to help ensure that your information is presented in a manner that is more easily understood and also able to sustain the reader’s attention without much difficulty.

While all this can be achieved without the help of a proofreading service, it is still highly recommended that you seek out the proofreading services that are provided by BLC. Many businesses, new and old, tend to make the mistake of going without any proofreading as they then expect to save money, time, and energy. As documents can take roughly 3-4 hours to complete, depending entirely on their size and criteria, spending such long periods proofreading over each and every single page can lead to huge amounts of time, money, and energy wasted, all of which could have been much better spent elsewhere.

By choosing to hire any of the revered and qualified writers over at BLC for their excellent proofreading capabilities, you will be given peace of mind knowing that your work is able to receive the time and attention that it deserves. In fact, hiring a professional can actually help you save time as their experience can lead to work that is completed within a period of time that is far shorter than the results that you may achieve just on your own, all without seeing any degradation in the quality of information presented in your documents.

In turn, this will then allow you to place more of your focus entirely on your next book or document without wasting any of your precious time and energy in the slightest. This will not only provide you with a returning client but will also boost your credibility across all other clients while leaving them with a lasting impression of your work, even if you are not able to provide them with your work in person.


Additional Benefits when Hiring BLC to Proofread Your Documents

Aside from the countless benefits that are already provided to you when any of BLC’s writers are proofreading your documents, you can also enjoy the professional touches that are not often seen otherwise.

Due to the experience that writers gain when proofreading their client’s work over long periods of time, they often attain a keen eye for when and how your work should be edited. By looking at your work from a point of view that is completely different from your own, BLC’s writers are more easily able to pick up on changes that need to be made.

With an extra set of eyes being directed towards your work, it is also far easier to then be able to predict how your clients may receive the content within your work.

This, coupled with the feedback you receive from BLC’s writers after the proofreading process, will greatly enhance your ability to produce better work over time. If you happen to be writing books, fiction or non-fiction, you will also increase your chances of having your work become published and then distributed too.

To improve the quality of your written work while also leaving your clients with a positive and lasting impression without proofreading your own work, do not hesitate to hire BLC’s services today!

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