Interpreting services are only a click away.

Interpreting services are only a click away.

At Better Language Company, we have an expert team of interpreters at your disposal. Our team is highly experienced and available for conferences, meetings, hearings and more. We have a wide range of experience in hosting and providing interpreters for any event. When working with Better Language Company, you can rest assured that all assignments are overseen by our team of dedicated interpreting managers, both of whom have earned MA degrees in their field of expertise. When it comes to interpretation projects, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

Simultaneous interpreting or conference interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreters are skilled in translating a sentence into your targeted languages while actively listening to the next sentence to translate it quickly and professionally. This service is also known as conference interpreting in which the interpreter actively translates to an audience that would otherwise not understand. This service is often used in conferences, large events and tradeshows.

So, how does it work? With simultaneous interpreting, we would usually set up a space for our interpreters to work uninterrupted, such as in a booth, where they can audibly translate your event with minimal distraction, offering a more inclusive experience for guests that don’t communicate in the same language as the speaker.


Consecutive interpreting:

In some cases, you will require consecutive interpreting services, where our highly skilled interpreters listen to the speaker and their speech while making notes and then reproduces the speech in the desired languages for the audience. This service is great for small meeting spaces where one participant wouldn’t be able to understand the source language used by the speaker and needs translation in order to participate.


Remote interpreting:

As the name suggests, this service is for those times when you wouldn’t need an interpreter on-site. This could be useful for online meetings such as on Zoom, Microsoft teams, telephonic calls and more. Oftentimes, this allows your meetings to appeal to a larger audience and allows you to build an international base for anyone that needs to participate. Similar to conference interpreting, this service would be set up at a remote location where our team can listen in and actively translate in real-time to other participants.

The benefit of remote interpreting is that it lowers costs on travel and truly can be used on a shorter notice period because our team would simply need to join without visiting your venue and setting up a workspace.

This is an affordable option with savings on travel, accommodation and more importantly even, exchange rates. The possibility of outsourcing to another country with a more favourable exchange rate means a huge saving for the same quality of work. The same applies for similar services such as transcription. (As long as an established and quality service provider is used.)


Why should you use interpreting services?

Interpreting comes with a number of benefits, particularly when the correct software is used and qualified and experienced interpreters are involved. Our interpreting sessions are managed by a dedicated project manager to ensure a quality service.

Many of our clients make use of Zoom Pro or Business Accounts. These allow easy integration of interpreters and provide a perfect solution to online conference interpreting using their simultaneous interpreting function. It’s easily scalable and can be used for meetings of any size.

We only work with experienced interpreters with proven records.

Now the question is, how can we help you today? Get in touch with us for a quote and our team will contact you to get your project moving in the right direction with only the best results.

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