Corporate Social Responsibility Outlooks

At Better Language Company our business model operates on the principle of creating freelance opportunities for expert language practitioners in South Africa.We hold great stock in equitable supplier profiles and empowerment.

‘Over 70% of our talented suppliers are previously disadvantaged individuals.’

The BLC team is passionate about furthering the development of language diversity in South Africa. We have assisted in the writing, translation and editing of school and college textbooks into all our eleven official languages South African languages. We have also assisted in the editing and rich-media development of South African educational material in ePub and e-reader format.

We greatly value our involvement in the education of our youth and are excited to be key players in the furthering of language and Image showing corporate social responsibilitycultural diversity in South Africa.

We strive to further this diversity and to break down educational barriers by providing learners and teachers with relevant, well written educational material in any official language.

We have recently introduced an internship programme to give young, previously disadvantaged graduates an opportunity to practise their newly acquired skills before embarking on their language and translation careers.

We encourage our clients in the corporate world to embrace the ideals of cultural and linguistic parity by disseminating their information in as many South African languages as possible.

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