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Prevent Marketing Translation Mistakes with BLC Translation Company

Translated marketing is essential when businesses want to take products or services to an international market. Unfortunately, marketing translations can sometimes include mistakes that can either be humorous and easy to fix or misleading and offensive to the target audience. Either way, marketing translation mistakes can result in the loss of your new target market … Read More

Using A Sworn Translator: When, Why and How Does it Work?

When dealing with foreign countries and officials who do not speak in your native tongue, it is necessary to use sworn translation services in order to ease the streams of communication and administration. Whether you’re immigrating, travelling for school, or simply sharing legal documents with international stakeholders, it is vital that you get a professional … Read More


Translation Services: How to Avoid Translation Errors

From international marketing to global business partnerships to increasing worldwide sales, there are numerous exciting reasons to use translation services that can be beneficial for you or your business. The problem is that not all translation services provide accurate document translations, which can then negatively impact your business, credibility, or reputation. We have highlighted the … Read More


The BLC Translation Company Discusses the Important Role Played by Translators in Times of Crisis

As an accredited translation company, our expertise lies in the solid and nuanced application of interpretation and transcription services to allow for effective and unambiguous communications between parties that speak different languages. For this reason, we felt compelled to discuss the importance of translation and interpretation during the ongoing war in Ukraine. It was on … Read More


Translation Services for International Relations

In order for domestic and foreign affairs to flourish, there must be effective communication between political representatives, citizens and any other public or private stakeholders. Translation, in essence, is a vital form of communication that helps to facilitate dialogue and discourse regardless of your mother tongue or your proficiency in a foreign language. In this … Read More


Using a Transcription Company for the Entertainment Industry

Media Distribution Possibilities Are Endless with Transcription Services As we continue to advance through the digital age, the media landscape has evolved to provide us with multiple kinds of media for our entertainment and consumption. In the entertainment industry, in particular, we can see a variety of new content, genres, formats and languages becoming more … Read More

Proofreading Services: The 5 Different Types of Proofreading

Every document should be proofread, but not by just any proofreader. You need a proofreader that is an expert in your specific industry or is experienced with proofreading your unique type of document. We briefly outline the basics of proofreading and then dive into the 5 different types of specialised proofreading services so that you … Read More


Translation Services: All Your Questions About Translating Your Book Answered

Firstly, congratulations to you! You have researched, written, edited, proofread, and gone through the publication process until your book is sitting on a shelf with your name in glossy print. You may now be considering taking your published book to new heights by getting it professionally translated. Translating your book can be daunting and raise … Read More

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