Translators are the beacons of modern society

As South Africans, we have a unique perspective regarding the value of a spoken language, primarily because we struggle to communicate each and every day. We can appreciate that there are many languages but in a business environment, we often expect everyone to speak and understand English. I can’t type #Firstworldproblems fast enough. There are…


What Is Sworn Translation

What Is Sworn Translation Sworn translation is also referred to as ‘certified translation’ or ‘official translation’, but the correct term is ‘sworn translation’ Sworn translation is a certified translation of an official document. A sworn translation is the legal equivalent of the original document and has the same legal effect as the original official document.…

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The Difference Between Editing And Proofreading

The Difference Between Editing And Proofreading Editing entails a grammatical and stylistic improvement of your writing. This is called a language edit. Editing also includes improvement of the content, should you require this. This is called copy-editing. Many of our clients enquire about the difference between editing and proofreading. Editing entails a grammatical and stylistic…

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Outsourcing transcription services to South Africa – world-class quality at the most affordable rates

We offer our international clients the best of both worlds: the highest quality transcription services possible at the most affordable rates – simply by leveraging on exchange rate differences. Affordability Better Language Company (BLC) provides human transcription services, not machine or software transcription. How then do we manage to offer the most affordable transcription rates?…

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Language Services For The Digital World

<!doctype html> *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*   Outsourcing Transcription and Translation Services World-Class Quality At The Most Affordable Rates We offer our international clients the best of both worlds: the highest quality transcription services possible at the most affordable rates – simply by leveraging on exchange rate differences. The international standard for transcription services is 99% accuracy. This is the standard…

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The Process Behind World-Class Transcripton

The Process Behind World-Class Transcription Better Language Company has a highly trained team of transcribers ready to deliver quality transcriptions in the format of your choice. BLC’s world-class transcription services combine our years of expertise in the language industry with technological expertise and professionalism. We have the capacity to complete 8 hours of audio per…


Human Translation vs Google Translate

Google Translate is a fascinating and continuously evolving online resource that currently allows users to translate single words and short phrases directly and surprisingly accurately into 50 international languages.   The app version even allows users to take a photo of signs in 27  languages and have them translated, a huge boon for travelers! –…