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There are people who are ready to do business with you, right now. They’re on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and social bookmarking websites like Pinterest and Reddit. The question is, are you?

Bangula’s social media marketing puts you in touch with qualified audiences. We’ll find out where they spend their time, and communicate your message, content, and your shared passions. You’ll enjoy better audience engagement, and more trust.

Great for customer service

Social media can help cut down the workload of your customer service and sales representatives by answering customer and prospect questions online. This also makes it cost-effective and quick for your audiences to get their problems resolved, and carry on with more important things.

Great for SEO

Search engines are increasingly relying on social media to provide better search results. Businesses that connect with audiences on social media could therefore enjoy higher rankings, and more traffic. Best of all is, you don’t need to be a big business with an extensive customer service department. Simply interacting with your audiences by sharing new content, and keeping them informed about promotions and events can increase your SEO competitiveness.

Social Media Case Studies

Fallowfields Hotel

Southport Road Dental

Close before the start of the 2008 recession, Fallowfields hotel owners Anthony and Peta Lloyd realised they had to cut marketing costs while attracting new business. Tweeting regularly about the hotel, its menu, and sundry offerings, Anthony eventually managed to build up a following of 1,000 on Twitter, subsequently increasing the number of bookings and boosting revenue.”It has replaced our face-to-face networking and guidebook listings, saving me time and money,” Lloyd told the Guardian. Today Fallowfields has more than 25,000 followers, and business is still going strong. How do you increase customer enquiries by 75% in less than a year and a half? Dentist David Hickey took over the dental practice in 2010, and recognised the potential benefits social media could bring to the table: increased public visibility, as well as more efficient audience engagement and education.Combining video with social media to introduce himself and his work to online audiences, Hickey explained “it allows potential new patients to see previous clients and their experiences, and to see me before they pick up the phone, which has made a huge difference for those who are nervous or fearful. “As a result, enquiries have jumped from one per day to at least six – a 75% increase in sixteen months.

Source: The Guardian

How we work

Our custom social media packages include standard components which allow for seamless integration with your marketing and/or business objectives. These include tailored social media strategy, weekly reports, and a CRM system capable of capturing the details of your social friends and followers to let you know who your leads are, and how to reach them.

If social media marketing sounds like something you can use to grow your business, let’s talk. Send us a message and we’ll call you back, or call us on 0860 2264852.

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