Be heard by the right people

In marketing they’re called ‘qualified audiences’. We call them people who arrive at your website because they need what you have to offer. Our search engine optimisation service aims to connect you with people who like your ideas, products and services a lot, instead of just a lot of people.

We’ll find out who they are

…and where they like to spend their time online. Accurate audience research makes it easier to find out which keywords will attract the right kind of attention. Once we know who it is that’ll you’re your business, we’ll research the keywords they use to find those businesses who can make their lives a little easier, like yours.

Audience-centric Strategy

Once we know  which keywords to use, we’ll build an SEO strategy to suit your quarterly and yearly SEO objectives. Sounds complicated, we know. But, it’s quite simple. Broadly speaking, SEO can be divided into:

On-Page SEO

Off-Site SEO

Deals with the optimisation of visible and behind-the-scenes components of the website to increase the basic ranking potential of a website. Manual submission of the website to online directories, and the creation of valuable content audiences can link to. More links to your website increases its ranking potential. A better rank means more visitors.


Both of these SEO categories are comprised of many techniques aimed at improving your search engine rank. However, the Bangula difference is that we’ll only use those capable of attracting the right audiences to your website. No blanket formulas, just personalised search engine optimisation.

Here’s how to get started

Every website is unique, much like the people who drive the business behind it. As such we need to know you and your business to ensure you get exactly what you pay for. We need you to take the first step and send us a message with your contact details. We’ll call you back to arrange a meeting or telephone conference to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, call 0861 226 4852 between 8am and 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.