At Bangula we offer expert project management in the fields of language services and branding.

‘Our team has over a decade of experience in the South African language industry and our highly qualified founders lend their expert touch to every project.’

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Language Services:

We expertly oversee every aspect of your language project, from writing, to editing, design, layout and proofreading. We also do expert translations as required.

Epub and rich media development counts among our specialities.

Our clients have included MML, Macmillan, Vivlia, The DPSA, David Modlin and KMB Digital.

‘We are renowned in the publishing industry for successful management of crisis projects. Our strict quality control measures ensure excellent results.’

Branding Services:

‘From brand identity development to website design, development and hosting’ we have the capability to oversee your project from start to finish.

We provide the strategic insights necessary to reach your target market while our creative experts create unique and insightful content and graphics to resonate with their needs.

Our talented branding team has the expertise, strategic insight and creativity to project manage every step of the brand development chain.

Why Outsource to a Project Management Team?

Outsourcing services is a cost-effective way for corporates and organisations to maintain or expand their service offering. However, outsourcing language and branding services to individual freelancers is a cumbersome process for corporates.

The Bangula Solution: outsource your supply chain to the expert team at Bangula. We specialise in project managing and delivering turn-key services in the fields of language, translation, branding and web services.

The advantages are significant:

  • Obtaining top-quality services from a team of dedicated people on a use-as-you-need basis
  • Simplifying hiring or outsourcing procedures by channeling entire projects through experienced freelance outsourcing agencies
  • Lightening both the company project management workload and expenses by outsourcing to experienced managers on a freelance basis.

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