Interpreting Services



Bangula Lingo Centre offers high-quality telephonic, onsite and simultaneous interpreting services.

We have a team of highly skilled interpreters who work into a variety of South African and international languages. Please click here for a full range of our language combinations.



Simultaneous Interpreting

“Interpreting while the delegate is speaking”

Simultaneous interpreting (also called conference interpreting) involves an interpreter working in a booth with at least one colleague. The speaker in the meeting room speaks into a microphone, the interpreter receives the sound through a headset and interprets the message into a microphone simultaneously. This allows delegates in the conference to select the relevant channel and follow the conference proceedings in the language of their choice.

Consecutive Interpreting (Including Liaison Interpreting)

Consecutive interpreting is a suitable option for law offices, business meetings and personal situations where language is a barrier. Consecutive interpreters translate what a person has said a while after it has been said. A highly trained consecutive interpreter is able to interpret in both directions, delivering the message with the same tone and emphasis as the speaker, without added meaning and false intonation. Liaison interpreting is an informal type of consecutive interpreting and is often used for community meetings.

Telephonic Interpreting

Telephonic interpreting is used when two or more participants involved in a conference call/Skype meeting do not speak the same language. Interpreting is usually provided into one other language, but can be offered in several languages.

It can also be used at regular meetings when a person who is not present calls in to speak via a phone or Skype link.

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