ePub Development and Conversion

In the fast growing ePub conversion and development market we have a range of expert services to give you the edge:

We can manage your entire conversion and development process from start to finish.

We also develop online sales platforms, site upgrades and pay gates for online ePub sales.

We offer:

  1. Conversion to the ePub format of your choice
  2. Providing rich media suggestions and proof reading of converted ePub. After the ePubs have been converted they will be carefully proof read and rich media suggestions will be provided by Bangula’s expert team
  3. Implementing corrections and rich media. After the ePubs have been proofed and rich media suggestions have been added the corrections and rich media will be implemented and finalised.

Electronic Educational Material

Students perform better when they can interact with material. “Learning by doing” has shown marked improvements in student scores, and we’re here to help you achieve just that. Bangula’s educational team facilitates e-learning software development with professional, detailed content briefs and software architecture planning.

Development of Content Briefs

Content briefs stipulate the responsibilities of creative, technical and managerial stakeholders. Whether these are created for educational institutions (schools, colleges or universities) or for businesses, we go through a detailed needs analysis to establish your educational goals and technical requirements.

Story boards are developed for audio and visual material to assist conception during the developmental stage. Curricular requirements and student capabilities are taken into account to ensure accuracy of the brief, and effectiveness of the final deliverable.

Software Architecture Planning

Know where you are and what needs to be done at every stage of your project. Once the content briefs have been created, we summon up the talents of our distinguished educationalists to ensure your e-learning project conforms to all the requirements of audience engagement and tuition. We’ll liaise with key stakeholders to get everyone on the same page, and determine the exact requirements of all concerned parties.

We perform software architecture planning for:

  • Curricular requirements
  • Accommodation of different grades/phases
  • Accommodation of different levels of difficulty
  • Variable content (e.g. language options)
  • Progress tracking
  • General software framework programming
  • Design and layout development
  • Character development (if required)
  • Individual lesson/activity programming and testing
  • Animation (interface, instructional, character)
  • Inclusion of additional content (sound, video)
  • Software packaging for distribution