CAT Translation Tools

Bangula Lingo Centre has a solution for every translation requirement.

Apart from our expert manual translation services, we offer professional computer-assisted translation (CAT) services. Our CAT tool-trained translators work mainly in either Trados or Wordfast.

The use of CAT or machine translation tools should not be confused with literal computer translations, such as Google translate. Bangula does not allow translators to use this type of web service.

Image showing Machine Translation







The advantages of CAT and machine translation tools

  • Consistent use of terminology – terminology management tools and translation memory functions ensure consistency and adherence to a client’s terminology guidelines.
  • Time saving – translators don’t spend long periods of time with dictionaries and terminology lists.
  • Cost effective – machine translation generally carries a lower cost than expert manual translation because of features such as translation memory.

When to use CAT tools

CAT tools are useful for bulk jobs where several translators work together on one project. Where content is repetitive, CAT tools also come in handy.

Examples of material with repetitive content are:

  • Textbooks
  • Annual reports
  • Internal company documents
  • Manuals
  • Standarised legal contracts and agreements
  • Insurance policies
  • Legislation

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