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We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand development package, a service designed to energise new businesses and revitalise existing ones with research-backed & market-ready brand essentials.

The package includes target market analysis, logo & stationary design, as well as brand values, mission, vision, and positioning statement development. Every item is created by a seasoned team of marketing and creative individuals, and approved by Marcus, our brand manager before being sent for your final approval.

We aim to narrow the gap between you and your audiences to create a foundation fir close online and offline relationships with your customers and business growth. The items included in this package will enhance communication with consumers and help them to identify with your brand.

What’s included?

Target market analysis

We’ll do the digging to find the audiences most likely to be interested in your product or service. You’ll receive an analysis detailing audiences by their demographics, psychographics and geographic locations .This ensures you have all the ammunition needed to effectively market your brand to your target audience.

Logo design

We will create a  logo designed to reflect the character of your business. It’s more than a graphic representing your business – it’s an identifier that separates you from the competition. We create logos to communicate the benefit of your business to your audience. You’ll enjoy the instant recognition associated with a well designed and attractive logo.

A collection of our logo work

A collection of our logo work


A picture might be worth a thousand words but you only need a few words to create an image your audiences will identify with. Our copywriters create slogans that communicate the purpose of your business and its value to clients in a way that’s both catchy and effective.

Mission, Vision, Values & Positioning statements

Consistency is the bedrock of a memorable brand. The mission, vision, values and positioning  statement we create provide the guidelines to create marketing material that consistently reflects your brand value.

Stationary pack

Included in this pack is an email banner you can use as a header or signature in your emails, business cards, font recommendations and colour schemes. Much like consistency in your copy, these can be used in your communication and marketing material to lend instant recognition to your brand.

We’ll be in touch each step of the way to ensure your satisfaction with a branding kit that enhances the appeal of your business.

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