Bangula Branding Services

We’re proud to announce the launch of Bangula Branding, a service designed to energise new businesses and catalyse existing ones with research-backed and market-ready brand essentials.

Our eager and talented team can’t wait to help you Bangula your branding needs. Please browse through a summary of our branding, copywriting, website and digital design services below.

Our take on the famous Aaker brand identity graph

Let us help you develop your brand identity

Brand identity consulting:

  • Creating a brand from scratch
  • Examining and overhauling your existing brand
  • Brand and social media workshops
  • Name generation
  • Positioning analysis and creation
  • Vision, Mission and Value Generation

Copy and SEO writing

  • SEO Writing and content development
  • Copywriting(ATL, BTL, pamphlets, brochures, editorials, slogans)
  • Content development for social media

 Logo and design services

  • Template creation
  • Logo builds
  • Pamphlet designs
  • Email banners
  • Web banners

Website design and SEO services

  • Business & Personal websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Website redesign
  • Corporate intranets
  • Blogs
  • Social media management
  • Social media campaigns and apps

Brand workshops for individuals and corporates.

We offer educational workshops and the basic process of branding and marketing to give you an insight into the work we do and to help you understand your brand and business better.

Workshops include a look into what makes a brand, the differences between branding and marketing, brand architecture and identity, equitable branding, how brand positioning works, establishing a target market and media and advertising channels used to communicate your brand.

Each workshop is customised to the unique identity of your business and includes cutting edge branding models developed by our strategy team.