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Bangula Brand Consulting

At Bangula brand consulting we analyse your brand holistically, looking at your entire brand and company image from the ground up to help you make informed branding decisions.

We make use of the healthy brand model to either revamp your brand or help you build a shining beacon of brand equity and identity from the ground up.

We analyse the personality of your brand, the symbolism behind your image and your product offering to make sure you deliver an integrated, up-to date message to your target market.

For start up brands we help you build up your image, perfect your service offering and discover the perfect target market for your offering.

Unsure of your brands needs? Take a look through our branding checklist

The freelance consultancy model

As a freelance consultancy we have access to a team of brilliant copywriters, graphic designers and strategists.

The advantages of working as a freelance consultancy are numerous:

  • We are not limited to a set number of fulltime employees and so have a large number of freelance experts.
  • This allows us to choose a team with the skill set suitable to work on the unique needs of your brand
  • Hiring freelancers means we only pay for the work we need done. This keeps our overheads low and in turn allows us to offer you extremely cost effective brand solutions.
  • In essence our business model allows us to give you more branding quality at less cost.

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